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A conversation facilitator, educational resource, and marriage cheerleader dedicated to helping couples have the relationship they have always wanted.


My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources for helping couples strengthen their relationship.

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a structured approach to couples therapy

Each relationship is unique, so a customized plan will be built accordingly.

Specific tools and techniques will be selected to strengthen intimacy, calmly manage conflicts, and proactively discuss the future using The Gottman Method. This approach has helped thousands of couples restore qualities of a happy and healthy relationship.

Expand each session listed below to learn more about what to expect in this couples counseling experience.

In this first session, we will talk about the story of how you first met, relationship ups and downs, and where you are today. After, you and your partner will be asked to complete an online assessment called the GottmanConnect.

Next, you and your partner will schedule individual sessions. This time is helpful for me to know what is most important to you and to discuss personal topics (family history for example). 

As a couple, you will be presented with a customized treatment plan aligned with your specific relationship needs, in the third session. We’ll celebrate strengths in your relationship while addressing challenging areas and targeted goals for transformation. 

Afterward, I’ll share a copy of your GottmanConnect couples report and the customized treatment plan we agree on. 

It’s time to dive into the work of couples therapy! 

Couples counseling sessions are 90-minutes in length to allot for ample time to discuss both perspectives on a topic or past incident(s). I will introduce new tools and techniques that will help deepen understanding, repair from past hurts, and begin rebuilding trust.  

On average, couples engage in 10-20 couples therapy sessions. 

Lastly, before we end couples therapy, I recommend scheduling a few checkup appointments every few months. These 45-minute sessions are ideal for continued accountability and therapeutic support. 

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Pick a time that works best for you and your partner.  Join the consultation together, or from separate locations.

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