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about meagan prost

gottman couples therapist & educator


Hi! I'm Meagan.

I am a therapist passionate about empowering couples who get stuck in communication cycles to have more productive conversations. 

Above all, I feel the most of service when aiding couples in fixing communication problems, repairing trust and intimacy, and creating a happy marriage.

How my passion developed

As a young child, I frequently visited my Nana and Papa. First, I’d run into their house and greet my Papa in the living room and then run downstairs to spend time with my Nana in the basement. 

At the time, I didn’t think much of them spending time in separate levels of the home, eating at different times of the day, and sleeping in different bedrooms. 

In conclusion, conflict paralyzed their relationship which turned into many silent days. But it wasn’t just communication issues, they experienced significant losses, battled alcoholism, and later divorced after 40 years of marriage. 

Seeing the emotional disengagement and loneliness each felt in their marriage is where my interest in helping couples began.

How I live out my passion as a therapist

There’s a sense of deep fulfillment in witnessing partners willing to try again in their relationship, even in the smallest ways.

Each couple’s journey is different. I’m honored to serve couples because the process of creating more connections in marriage is something to be celebrated! And it’s important to celebrate these moments, big or small. 

How I help others

We’ve made mistakes, and we will likely make more. We are human! 

I help partners express appreciation, communicate with love and respect, and create shared goals for the future. Progress equals happiness, not perfection.  

In addition, by combining science-based tools and the art of communication, partners can feel less anxious about bringing up topics and asking for what they do need. 

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