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fix communication problems

understand barriers & learn new strategies

You may have arrived here if you (or your partner)...

  • Feeling unheard, misunderstood, or face resistance when trying to voice different perspectives
  • Expect criticism or negative comments from each other about things not being good enough
  • Conflict derails the day…or even a few days before the tension lifts and things feel somewhat “okay”

Conflict is inevitable and is a part of the most successful marriages, but the differentiating factor is how partners choose to communicate. Read on to see if my services may help your relationship.

You might be dealing with these tensions by trying to avoid additional conflict.

Maybe you’ve switched to communicating more about surface-level topics to try to keep a sense of peace and calm in the home. 

It’s been difficult to open up, be vulnerable, and trust that the usual conflict communication patterns won’t repeat. Soon enough, being in a committed relationship feels isolating and lonely

To begin to fix communication problems you need a safe place to uncover each other’s emotional needs while hitting the pause button when things start to escalate or get off track.

marriage communication problems
couples communication problems

I help couples get to the root of communication problems.

I will help you identify and express your needs to feel heard so that your partner has the opportunity to shine in the way you need. While also supporting you with ways to help your partner feel understood and validated for their needs.

Let's turn communication problems into confidence about how to raise a complaint without offending your partner.


Yes. Couples counseling will be 100% video conferencing, so all you need to do is find a comfy spot at home, grab a beverage, and click a link to join our HIPAA-secure appointment. 

You may not know this but counseling license laws vary from state to state. I am eligible to deliver online counseling to you and your partner as long as you are both physically located in Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Kentucky, and/or Indiana.

While each couple and their goals of marriage counseling may differ, I recommend beginning with weekly appointments for at least 5-6 weeks in a row. This seems to be a sweet spot when positive shifts begin to happen. 

After, we will scale back to every other week, later monthly, and then every few months as we are working through our goals of transforming challenges into strengths. 

Each appointment is 90-minutes, so we have ample time to get into conversations.

When working with couples, I use the Gottman Method which is a structured approach to couples therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the relationship and integrates research-based interventions. 

Together, we’ll develop a customized plan to transform challenging areas into relationship strengths with tools that provide a framework for improving friendship, managing conflict, and creating shared goals, as a couple.

Each 90-minute session is $175 and payment is processed the evening of a scheduled appointment. I accept major credit cards, debit cards, HSA, or FSA cards. 

I do not accept medical insurance at this time. 

The total costs of couples therapy could be within $1,750-$3,500 for 10-20 sessions per year.

begin the journey of strengthening your marriage

Pick a time that works best for you and your partner.  Join the consultation together, or from separate locations.

Couples counseling Services
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