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When to Go to Couples Therapy?

Many experts believe couple therapy to be an important part of a relationship. But, when exactly should you go to a couples therapy session?

Well, the outright answer is that you need to be there long before you have to. Remember, most relationship problems start small but they can become too big to solve with time.

couples therapy

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There are always two sides to a story: your story and your partner’s story. So, getting an objective side of the story could just be there glue that your relationship needs. And that’s what we bring!

Our team of professional therapists is widely educated and ready to put your relationship back on its feet. We use scientific methods to assess, form therapeutic frameworks, and implement interventions that strengthen your relationship. Dozens of couples have resolved their conflicts, shared meaning, and improved intimacy- and so should you!

How soon is too soon for couples therapy?

Most licensed couple therapists observe that couples wait for about six years before they sign up for counseling. But, those who seek counseling a little earlier in their relationship enjoy healthier relationships in the long run.

You could actually benefit a lot from visiting a therapist early into the relationship. Get help before you actually need it. Do not wait until there is a communication breakdown, or loss of intimacy to start rushing for therapy.

Signs that you might benefit from couples therapy

The are signs that you need a couple therapy. But even healthy couples are poised to benefit from these opportunities as well. Improved connection and communication will make good relationships better.

But here are the main signs that you really need to visit a couple’s counselor:

  • Frequent arguments
  • Poor communication
  • Boredom and numbness in your relationship
  • Stagnation
  • Feeling like there is long distance between you and your partner
  • Whenever you’re making a big life decision (eg; new job, moving home, etc)
  • Transition to parenthood
  • Family planning
  • Adopting a kid
  • When one partner has an affair
  • When considering divorce
  • Codependency
  • Constant memories of past traumas that ruin happiness in the relationship

marriage counseling vs. couples therapy

The main difference between couples therapy and marriage counseling is the issues and partners involved. Couples therapy is about the issues facing the two people in the relationship. This could be about past traumas, present life challenges, and future life goals.

On the other hand, marriage counseling is wider because it focuses on the needs of the couple, parents, children, families, and co-parents.

Often these words are used interchangeably to help two people who want to improve their relationship. 

What is the success rate of couples therapy?

The success of a couple’s therapy mostly depends on the partners, therapist, and issue at hand. And, while there is no clear answer on the specific success rate of couples counseling, several relationships show improvement after the exercise. Studies show that individual’s desire to learn new skills, work hard and invest in the relationship pays off. 

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists says that couples counseling has a success rate of between 60% and 98%. Of course, this is an ideal situation where partners who are open-minded and willing to solve their issues visit a professional counselor.

How much does couples therapy cost?

Nationwide surveys show that the average cost of couples counseling ranges from $50 to $250 per hour. Many therapy sessions last for an hour but they could be longer or shorter depending on the weight of your issues or the agreed time.

So, the pricing largely depends on the time per session and the number of sessions it takes. Some counselors will even give you a discount if you have financial constraints.

Not all marriage counselors accept medical insurance. So, talk about your convenient payment option before you schedule a therapy session.

Where to find a couples therapist?

Congratulations if you have already decided to take counseling. The American Psychological Association insists that emotion-focused counseling improves relationships with 75% success rates. So, you have just put your relationship on the way to better communication intimacy and close friendship.

The next step is to find a good relationship expert and licensed clinical psychologist. Fortunately, you can do your couple therapy in private or through online sessions.

We want to make counseling convenient, affordable, and effective for you. Your relationship does not have to go to the ruins. We have a team of marriage and relationship experts that will help you improve intimacy and communication. Talk to us today, and let’s start your journey!

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