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Gottman Therapy for Couples

Gottman therapy for couples is a popular breakthrough research-based solution for transforming marriages. 

After 40 years of research, Dr. John Gottman and his wife Julie Gottman came up with a method of predicting divorce and marital stability. While John is a renowned clinician and American psychologist, Julie is a clinical psychologist and researcher.

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The couple’s extensive research on healthy relationships and relationship breakdown has earned them respect in the American psychology field. The two co-founded a relationship therapy company called the Gottman Institute. The learning center trains therapists on how to diagnose and strengthen relationships using scientific and research based programs.

What is Gottman therapy?

Gottman Method of couple therapy is a research based program that aims at disarming conflict among partners. The psychologist takes you through a scientific program that increases the respect, affection, communication, and intimacy between you and your partner.

Based on the Sound Relationship House Theory, Gottman therapy assesses the couple’s principal goals. The strong foundation uses practical approaches to break through a couple’s barriers to intimacy, connection, and understanding.

And when the barriers are removed, the feeling of stagnancy disappears. You gain a sense of love, empathy, and understanding for your partner, and this improves your relationship.

How does the Gottman method work?

The Gottman couple therapy assess a relationship and integrates scientific interventions.  Most relationships fail because of poor intimacy, communication breakdown, and friendship problems. So, the exercise uses the Sound Relationship House Theory to assess the relationship, decide on a therapeutic framework, and then implement interventions.

The Gottman method works like this:

Assessment: A session in which individuals are interviewed before a joint session. The couple completes a set of questions and then receives feedback from the professional therapist

Therapeutic framework:  The therapist guides the couple through different frameworks that may be convenient for their schedule. For instance, the couple chooses the frequency or duration of the sessions.

Therapeutic interventions: Couples strengthen their marriage through increased friendship, conflict resolution, and shared meaning. The partners learn ways to replace negative conflict with improved friendship and intimacy. The aim is to increase emotional connection and prevent relapses.

Up to 69% of conflicts in marriage and perpetual. The Gottman method supports couples regardless of their race, financial, or cultural background. The therapist addresses common relationship issues including:

  •  Communication
  •  Frequent arguments
  •  Emotional separation
  •   Parenting
  •  Money and finance
  •  Infidelity
  •  Sexual difficulties
gottman couples therapy

What makes Gottman therapy so effective?

Therapists and researchers pay close attention to Gottman therapy for couples because it improves intimacy, adjustment, and communication in marital relationships. The integrated methods are appropriate for helping couples solve their marital problems.

Independent statistical studies prove that couples who undergo Gottman therapy manage their relationships by applying practical problem-solving methods. So, therapists worldwide prefer this therapy in treating and improving intimacy, compatibility, and emotional stability among couples.

How is it different from other couples counseling?

Dr. Gottman’s advice is that the main reason couples fight is nothing. So, his therapeutic techniques resolve conflict between partners in a marital relationship. The Gottman therapeutic method is different from normal counseling because it employs scientific methodologies.

In brief, Dr. Gottman advocates that partners should learn to put themselves in each other’s shoes, listen with empathy, communicate effectively, and understand each other’s perspectives.

Don’t allow your marriage to collapse while you can give it a clutch of effective scientific interventions. Book a free, 30-minute consultation today and you will soon realize there is hope for your marriage!

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