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Indiana marriage counseling

online marriage counseling in indiana

Whether you’ve been married for one year or 10 years, the Center for Heart Intelligence understands how frustrating it is to endure issues in your relationship.

Indiana-licensed couples therapist, Meagan Prost, has vast experience guiding couples to a healthier and less frustrating place with their partner. Whether the issues stem from lack of communication, infidelity, fighting, sexual frustration, anger, or lack of connection; having an experienced, caring, and straightforward therapist can make all the difference in your relationship!

Learn how to identify new patterns and dynamics in your relationship, as well as how to navigate through them in an effective and healthy manner.

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How Can Couples Counseling Help Your Relationship?

Staying in a committed, long-term relationship can be one of the most difficult things we can demand of ourselves. It’s natural that when you live with another person, disagreements, arguments, and disputes are bound to happen. What you need to consider though, is if your relationship is important enough to you and your spouse to work through these challenges?

A challenging relationship doesn’t have to end in a breakup, regardless of your differences. With marriage counseling, couples can learn to resolve their issues, communicate better, and reignite the spark that started it all. It is crucial to understand  that every long-term relationship or marriage takes a substantial amount of effort and commitment on both sides. Being in a committed and healthy relationship means that life is no longer just about you. You and your partner must become a single entity that thrives on giving, receiving, and communicating.

Preparing For Your First Online Couples Therapy Session

At The Center For Heart Intelligence, Meagan offers compassionate, effective, and confidential online couples counseling with the convenience of making an appointment 24/7 from home or work. By using video telehealth, your virtual marriage counseling experience is designed to help you grow in a way that’s safe, structured, and supportive.

There are two main ways you can prepare for your online couples therapy session. The first way is to set goals for your relationship, and the second is to acknowledge your level of commitment in the relationship. In our initial consultations, we will establish a strategy for implementation to ensure your relationships can move forward in a positive way. The ultimate goal is to help both individuals accept equal responsibility for their part in the relationship and to communicate clearly what they are needing from their partner to be happy.

The Benefits of Trying Online Marriage Counseling

There are a variety of benefits you can experience from seeking out an Indiana-licensed online marriage counselor, and it’s all geared towards helping couples work through their issues with love, respect, commitment, and transparency.

It’s important that everyone involved knows they’re not alone, and online marriage therapists licensed in Indiana, like Meagan Prost, have the strategies and tactics to help you get to a place of confidence and happiness in your relationships. Some of the takeaways you will have from counseling include but are not limited to:

  • Learning effective conflict management
  • Understanding different communication styles
  • Reigniting your passion and improving intimacy with your partner
  • Clear misunderstandings to reduce arguments
  • How to be transparent so your partner knows what makes you happy
  • Greater trust and levels of commitment from your partner

Ready To See An Online Couples Counselor?

If you want the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way, then marriage counseling is something you and your partner should seriously consider.

There are tactics you will learn that will help you overcome life’s most challenging obstacles in a judgment-free environment, and if you’re ready to transform stress and anxiety into peace and serenity, then seeking an Indiana-licensed online couples therapist may be a great option for you.

Schedule a free consultation with Meagan Prost, MA, LPCC-S, BC-TMH, your licensed and certified couples’ therapist serving all of Indiana!

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