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You may have arrived here if you (or your spouse)…

  • Feel more like roommates, sharing a few words before you both are off in different directions 
  • Have felt your attempts to show physical affection or initiate sex have failed
  • Miss the time that you used to spend together and remembering when the relationship was a top priority
  • Are trying to understand and recover from an emotional and/or physical affair

Over time there has been a shift in focus from time spent together to dividing and conquering the responsibilities of daily life. Read on to see if my services may help repair intimacy in your relationship.

You might be telling yourself that when “x” happens, then time can be devoted to us.

You might cope by putting on a false front to everyone else that “things are okay”. It’s easier to focus on taking the kids’ places, meeting work deadlines, and getting involved in other activities to fill your time. 

As a result, you start to emotionally disengage from your partner with the lack of connection. Distance is growing between you both each week.  

Subsequently, you may need to begin scheduling time in your calendar to devote to your spouse. 

intimacy marriage
intimacy couples

I help couples rebuild connection.

In marriage counseling, I will help you both repair past incidents that contributed to the deterioration of trust and commitment.

We will focus on increasing emotional support and creating time that is sacred to your relationship.

To sum it up, when there's a focus on increasing emotional intimacy it can positively impact physical intimacy.


Yes! Couples counseling will be 100% online via video conferencing, so all you need is to find a comfy spot at home, grab a beverage, and click your personalized link to join our HIPAA-secure appointment. 

You may not be aware but counseling license laws vary from state to state. I am eligible to deliver online counseling to you and your partner as long as you are both physically located in Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Kentucky, and/or Indiana.

While each couple and their goals of marriage counseling are unique, I recommend starting with weekly appointments for at least 5-6 weeks in a row. When there has been an affair, it may be best to meet each week for around 8-12 weeks. 

As we work through our treatment plan, you’ll be more confident about using healthy communication tools and feel closer to one another. This is when we’ll talk about spacing out appointments to meet less frequently. 

Appointments are scheduled for 90-minutes in length to allow for deep conversation.

Using a science-based approach to couples counseling, I help couples achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in their relationships. 

With a thorough assessment of your relationship, I will be able to provide reassurance on strengths and a plan to transform the challenges of your relationship as it relates to the Sound Relationship House theory, which is the foundation of the Gottman Method.

Each session is $175 (90-minutes) and payment will be processed the evening of the scheduled appointment. I accept major credit cards, debit cards, HSA, or FSA cards. 

Please note, I do not accept medical insurance. 

The average couple participates in 10-20 sessions per year which equates to $1,750-$3,500.

restore trust and hope in your marriage, beginning today 

Pick a time that works best for you and your partner.  Join the consultation together, or from separate locations.

Couples counseling Services
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