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Kissing Couple Goals

This article is all about kisses and (potential) goals couples can set to increase their physical intimacy through kissing.

Regardless of their meaning, kisses evoke unique emotions that can lead to different meanings and interpretations. Typically, kissing can express love, respect, or a simple greeting popular in many cultures, especially in European and Latin countries. Kissing can also be a romantic gesture between couples, friends, and family. The meaning of kiss also depends on the type and where it occurs, lips, forehead, cheek, neck, etc. 

kissing couple goals

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What is the Six Second Kiss?

How long do your kisses last? You probably have never kept count. In the earlier days of your dating life, you probably kissed more for longer, but as time went by, four years later most kisses shared are always quick, short, and definitely sweet. Kissing less often is normal because of life responsibilities and busy schedules. You are probably ever tired.

Every relationship needs physical affection for it to thrive – kissing included. Couples need to be more intentional about physical intimacy and lengthen their kissing or kiss more often. A six-second kiss is a mindful less time-consuming way of improving your relationship with your partner. What the six-second kiss does is it puts your focus on your partner and that moment. It is a chance to connect to your partner physically.

You can use the six-second kiss every time you are telling your partner goodbye because a kiss can tell a lot about what you are feeling towards your partner and as a way to keep the connection burning. It is important to connect during times of departure, such as when you are leaving for work. But why six-second? A six-second kiss is long enough to feel romantic but not time-consuming- keep your timers on. 

Did you know that in a day you should have about five kisses with your partner?

Making the six-second kiss a ritual will give you something to look forward to in our busy lives and help us stay connected to our loved ones. It should be done with intention the same way you plan to watch your TV show. Psychology studies on the six-second kiss reported that the habit enhances admiration, and connection, and builds the feeling of appreciation.

If you are parents and afraid to kiss more because your kisses always have an audience, do not worry because it is good for your children. Children like to know that their parents love each other and are there a better way than kissing for longer in their presence? Do not shy off, it will do magic for your home. 

The benefits of the six-second kiss:

• It reduces the stress hormone
• It adds to your kissing style
• Can strengthen a relationship
• It can lead to sex
• It can create a physical touch and create a ritual connection
• It boosts fondness and admiration

Types of Kisses

forehead kiss

There are various types of kisses which convey different meanings. Let’s have a look at the different types of kisses and their meanings.

Closed Mouth kiss

This type of kiss can be exchanged between individuals who have platonic relations. It is also referred to as a peck.

It involves a light touch of the lips which are either closed or slightly puckered. A peck indicated that intimacy is scarce; the optimal levels of intimacy have not been achieved yet. In a romantic relationship, a closed mouth peck can signify that your partner is pulling away from the relationship or they are losing interest.

Make out Kiss

A make out kiss is a lustful kiss on the lips. It is an indication of interest and a strong desire and desire to get closer to you. The kiss involves the tongue and getting curious about what is in the other person’s mouth. It shows a deep connection between the people kissing. In a long-term relationship, it indicates a sense of unity and oneness.

Neck Kiss

This is a more sensual kiss and is given when one is aroused. To take the kiss to a higher notch, nibble and bite your partner’s neck.

Kiss on the back and the shoulders

This kiss can convey different things to different people. For some, a kiss on the neck and the back is super sexy and could be sexually driven. In certain circumstances, if it is the only kiss you and your partner engage in, it could be a barrier to a deeper connection and intimacy.

Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is a kiss placed on someone’s head. This kind of kiss can symbolize protection, care, and affection. Your partner could kiss you on the head to show that they care about you and have deep compassion for you as well as they feel responsible for you and want you to feel safe with them. Forehead kisses can be given to kids by parents.

Hand Kiss

A hand kiss conveys respect. It can be platonic but can also be shared with romantic partners. The meaning is determined by the relationship. A hand kiss is usually accompanied by a bow. In a romantic situation, your partner may offer it to show you that you are valuable and special. You can kiss someone’s hands by holding them, as a tender and loving gesture. 

Nose Kiss

A nose kiss is either lip to nose or nose to nose. It is a sweet form of greeting where two people rub their noses together.

Angel Kiss

An angel kiss is an uncommon form of kissing where a person kisses the other person’s eyelids. It is a romantic gesture but it can have many meanings.

Earlobe kiss

The earlobe kiss is an erotic kiss like the neck kiss. The earlobe has many nerve endings hence the area is very sensitive and can be easily stimulated through kissing.

Lizard kiss

Lizard kiss is a romantic form of kissing where only the partner’s tongues touch. This type of kiss can be used alongside other forms of kissing such as the French kiss to make it more erotic.

Butterfly kiss

Butterfly kisses are those that are checked to check while fluttering the eyelashes against the other person’s eyes. They are mostly exchanged between a parent and a child.

Air Kiss

An air kiss is more of a greeting and can be exchanged between friends and family platonically. An air kiss occurs when two people purse as though they are going to kiss, then brush past each other’s cheeks without touching.

Single Lip Kiss

A single lip kiss is a bit more sensual than a peck. The kiss is a bit longer and the mouth is a bit open. During single lip kissing, one partner kisses the other bottom lips while the other kisses the top lip. 

What are the Benefits of Kissing?

Kissing may also involve the exchange of body fluids, the thought sounds gross but the act is satisfying. Kissing has many benefits that have been proven through scientific studies- it can lead to the improvement of your general well-being. Do you remember your first kiss? It must still be a memorable moment even after all those years. Let’s have a look at the benefits of kissing.

Reduces stress

Kissing results in the reduction of cortical, the stress hormone, which reduces stress. Kissing helps your body to relax and your mind to calm.

Tightens your skin

Kissing engages your facial and postural muscles which cause the muscles to tone. Vigorous kissing can also work out the jawline and neck.

Boosts immunity

Saliva is exchanged during kissing. The saliva contains germs which instead of making you sick, will make your body release antibodies to fight the germs which enhances your immunity.

Improves your mood

Did you know that your lips are the most sensitive part of your body because the lips have many neurons? When kissing, your brain is triggered to release some chemicals like oxytocin, the happy hormone, serotonin, and dopamine which stir up your emotions and feelings leaving you with a feeling of happiness.

Burns your calories

Kissing makes your heart beat faster because your brain has been triggered to stir up various emotions and feelings. As a result, kissing makes your heart beat faster and your body will release adrenaline and other neurotransmitters. The release of adrenaline hormone boosts metabolism and helps burn some calories.

Improves skin appearance and health

Kissing leads to increased collagen production and increased blood flow that improves the appearance of the skin.

Improves relationship between couples

Kissing brings people together. Kissing your partner increases bonding and a feeling of closeness and intimacy between partners and improves their sex lives because it is through the small kissing moments that couples establish a bond and are able to relate with each other erotically.


Locking your lips together is the ultimate litmus test. Kissing can help you know if you are compatible with someone. Determining compatibility is necessary in the dating world to avoid wasting your time and meet the right person.

Good for your health

Kissing your partner, your children, or your friends can make you healthier overall. The body releases oxytocin due to the physical affection which creates a base for total well-being. It helps you to feel good, to feel less stressed and it lowers your blood pressure.

Kissing Tips

What makes a good or perfect kiss? Some will say brushing your teeth helps. I agree, be mindful of your oral hygiene. What is more important is to stay present during the kiss. What if the kiss doesn’t feel good, can I teach my partner how to kiss? I do not think kissing can be taught, it has a lot to do with chemistry and attraction. Kiss someone who has chemistry with you. What you should do before and during kissing.

• Consent: Ensure that your partner or friend consents to share a kiss. It is good to always ask.
• Pick somewhere private to avoid interruption and to make it more special.
• Pay attention to the person’s body language. Things such as flirting, eye contact, and physical contact are signs of interest.
• Hydrate: Take plenty of water so that you have a moist mouth instead of a dry mouth.
• Move closer to the person you intend to kiss and lean closer.
• Slowly build-up: When you go in for the kiss, start slow then slowly build up. Starting slow will enable you to create some sexual tension and make the experience pleasurable.
• Introduce the tongue slowly: The tongue is a very strong muscle, therefore introduce it slowly while keeping it relaxed a supple.
• Make use of other parts of the body: Do not use the lips only, make use of other parts of the body like your hands- you can hold your partner’s neck or waist. Additionally, explore other erogenous zones such as the earlobes and the neck or your partner’s special spot.
• Make the kiss pleasant to guarantee another.

Kissing can be exciting but at the same time awkward depending on the context and the type of kiss. But ultimately, kissing can be fun and pleasurable with the right person. A kiss can soothe a crying baby and do magic for any type of relationship.

If you are a busy person or are in a long-term relationship, it is good to set aside some time for you and your partner to reconnect and kiss.

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