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Gottman Therapy for Couples

Gottman therapy for couples is a popular breakthrough research-based solution for transforming marriages.  After 40 years of research, Dr. John Gottman and his wife Julie Gottman came up with a method of predicting divorce and marital stability. While John is

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When to Go to Couples Therapy?

Many experts believe couple therapy to be an important part of a relationship. But, when exactly should you go to a couples therapy session? Well, the outright answer is that you need to be there long before you have to.

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How to Be More Empathetic in a Relationship

This post is all about the benefits of being more empathetic in your romantic relationship, including tips to increase emotional intimacy with your partner. Empathy is the heart of every relationship. Without it, it becomes challenging for a relationship to

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13 Ways to Be a Team with Your Spouse

This article is all about what makes a couple a good team. Marriage is a fusion and not only a union. The moment you exchange your vows, it’s apparent that you both won’t be the same again, perhaps ever. That

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Kissing Couple Goals

This article is all about kisses and (potential) goals couples can set to increase their physical intimacy through kissing. Regardless of their meaning, kisses evoke unique emotions that can lead to different meanings and interpretations. Typically, kissing can express love,

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Importance of Listening in Marriage

This article is all about enhancing your skills to be a more attentive listener in order to deepen the connection with your spouse.  We have all been in a conversation where we feel like we are not being heard. Maybe

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