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Best 7 Marriage Communication Books to Transform Your Relationship

This article picks the top seven best books on communication in marriage to help you reconnect and build a long-lasting relationship.

Communication is central to all relationships, friendships, business, and even marriage. It is how parties learn about each other and build trust. In marriage specifically, good communication enables couples to know each other desires, fears, and how to handle conflicts once they arise.

Undoubtedly, communication is imperative, yet so many marriages have broken because of this simple yet powerful tool that glues two people together for life. Communication is a skill we can all acquire through learning and practice. Today there are powerful resources such as outstanding couple communication books with valuable information on developing practical communication skills to keep your marriage lively.

communication in marriage books

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7 Principles of Making Marriage Work

The book was published in 1999 and sold over a million copies since then. Dr. John Gottman’s unprecedented study of couples for decades allowed him to observe and discover some useful habits that could make or break a marriage. In his book, Dr. John highlighted seven straightforward and profound principles to guide couples toward a harmonious relationship. The best thing about Gottman’s book is that it is regularly updated to keep it current with contemporary marriage problems. The revised edition is packed with new exercises and the most recent research from the Gottman Institute.

This book is perfect for couples seeking new ways of resolving conflicts and those who want to achieve high levels of intimacy in marriage. 7 Principles of Marking Marriage Work presents you with evidence-based information on handling issues related to family, religion, sex, or anything else straining your relationship to help you identify the equilibrium needed to keep the relationship healthy.

Dr. John Gottman integrates research and insights from his experience as a marriage counselor to write this book. As a preeminent researcher on love and marriage, the author can comprehensively articulate a range of marriage and relationship topics that will forever change how you look and interact with your partner.

The book outlines surprising findings and advice on the characteristic at the heart of every relationship. The author has developed a formula that calculates loyalty at every relationship level. Readers can use the results to determine the direction of their relationship and its future. They will also learn how to bolster their trust level and get a preview of the rigorous journey of making a healthy marriage. Dr. Gottman also suggests a new approach to handling cases of cheating or infidelity and reveals the unexpected non-sexual ways by which couples betray each other.

Gary Chapman is among the world’s premier authors who have integrated his research and insights to write books from his career as a motivational speaker and the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants.

The book explains the importance and intricacies of communication in healthy marriages and encourages husbands and wives to be steadfast in loyalty and empathy when solving conflicts. It is full of simple yet profound valuable advice to couples at every level of marriage bliss. The author presents readers with well-articulated situations and emotions they can relate to and solutions for a more open and intimate covenant relationship.

Dr. Eugene Gendlin is the developer of the Focusing technique and a psychologist who has won many awards. His technique enables his readers to focus by observing basic principles. It is imperative to recognize that psychologists have become a pillar of knowledge on marriage-related matters. The perception that they only sit on chairs in an office the whole day is obsolete. Dr. Gendlin is a perfect example of what professional psychologists can do to help couples increase their mindfulness and transform through the focusing technique.

Dr. Gendlin presents an exclusive expert’s guide containing six easy steps to master. Be sure that once you start reading and following the simple steps, you will better understand how emotions are held in the body, besides identifying and changing the way you think. Focusing is a process that takes less than 10 minutes and can happen anywhere, and its goal is to relieve body tension and psychological stress. It is a powerful tool that allows the reader to tap into great wisdom and equips them with remarkable self-assurance, enabling them to improve every aspect of their marriage life.

As previously mentioned, Dr. John Gottman is a globally recognized name in marriage counseling. The Relationship Cure comes as a powerful and straightforward five-step program contributed by the 20 years Dr. Gottman has spent as an innovative researcher. Unlike many marriage books, the book presents you with information on how to improve all of the relationships in your life, such as with your spouse, children, and colleagues.

The book is inspirational, and the reader will enjoy reading every bit. For example, the author provides the tools someone needs to make their relationship thrive and specifically emphasizes the significance of emotional connection. This book is unique from other marriage communication books because it introduces new concepts such as the emotional ‘bid’, which is the basis of emotional connection. The author continues to provide tools on how someone should respond to others’ bids.

Is there a science to love? Everyone relies on science for food, exercise, and how long to sleep. Why not use science to help us manage relationships and improve marriages? In this revolutionary book, Dr. Amir Levin, psychiatrist, and Rachel Heller, neuroscientist, scientifically explain why some couples struggle with their marriages while others don’t use any effort when navigating their relationship.

Readers will discover how understanding and adult attachment can help them find love and sustain it. The book is a must-read as it also explains the distinct ways by which each person behaves in a relationship, highlights attachment styles followed by most couples, and offers a solution for building a stronger and more fulfilling connection with the people they love.

This book is for couples who want to introduce the ‘Romeo and Juliet type of love in their marriage. The book not only focuses on how to make a working marriage by giving you the steps to follow. The author provides valuable resources to help you understand your partner’s love language. His experience as a marriage counselor has enabled Gary Chapman to conclude that five emotional languages are involved in every relationship. He believes that the key to a long-lasting relationship and a loving marriage is identifying what your partner needs and learning how to respond to their love language.

The 5 Love Languages highlight five love languages words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and receiving gifts that are fundamental in keeping the marriage going. The author’s brilliant writing techniques make this book a good choice to learn about your partner’s love language work and applied in a marriage setting.

In conclusion, this post was about recommendations for the top seven best relationship books if you are looking to improve communication in your marriage. 

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